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How it Works

You e-mail us your Microsoft Word or Mac Pages document, and we repair typographical errors as well as any flaws in grammar, spelling, punctuation, syntax, or noncompliance with Chicago style, the style preferred by book publishers. We do not rewrite large portions or interfere with your writing style. In addition to the line editing, we perform the equivalent of developmental editing in the form of an extensive evaluation that covers all the elements of the manuscript, including any creative-writing concerns, if we have any. The evaluation explains our changes and, if necessary, makes suggestions to increase the power and marketability of the manuscript.

We use Track Changes, so you clearly see all our suggestions. You have the option of accepting or rejecting each one, so the book always reflects your choices and your voice.

When we finish, we return several files. One is your manuscript with all our suggested changes in a color other than the original, so you can spot each one. We also send a clean version with all the changes made, in case you wish to accept all the changes in total. You also receive a document that contains our complete evaluation.

Hybrid editing combines the best of both hard-copy and electronic editing, so you not only have the ease of the changes made for you, but you also learn through the process and benefit from the knowledge in the report that covers all the elements of the manuscript, including marketability.

Hybrid editing is especially helpful for writers who plan to write more books and want to glean knowledge from a professional editor.

People who use hybrid editing are writers eager to improve their books as much as possible, learn from the experience, and apply what they have learned to future books. They appreciate the ease of not having to make the corrections themselves.


Hybrid Editing Cost

The price for hybrid editing is 6¢ ($.06) a word based on the Microsoft Word or Mac Pages word count. ($200 minimum per submission) There are no shipping and handling fees.

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Advantages of Hybrid Editing

  • You get the combined advantages of both electronic and hard-copy editing. You get the electronic file edited so you don’t have to perform the clerical work, plus you get an evaluation that explains all the suggested changes and addresses all the elements of the fiction or nonfiction manuscript, including additional suggestions for improvement and marketability.
  • You save time in two ways. The files can be sent quickly back and forth, so you don’t have to wait for mail pickup and delivery. Best of all, you don’t have to spend your time making changes to your electronic file, because we have made the changes for you.
  • You do not have to put your manuscript into Standard Manuscript Format. You can use any format you want; you pay by the word, not by the page, so you don’t have to reformat the manuscript to figure the cost.
  • You save money. You do not have to pay for printouts or shipping and handling.
  • You save paper. All the work is handled electronically.
  • You have temporary backup. We keep copies of the pre-edited and post-edited files for a short while, a fact that has come in handy when clients have had computer crashes or lost files. We do not keep these files forever, though; we strongly advise keeping backup copies elsewhere.

Drawbacks of Hybrid Editing

  • You must comply with our file requirements. You must send the file in Microsoft Word or Mac Pages.
  • The quality may be a little less than perfect. It is difficult to edit electronic files, because the human eye does not quite see a computer screen as clearly as it sees a printed page.
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