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Reading for Fun

One of the possible drawbacks to being a book editor is that I read manuscripts as a necessary part of my business, which leaves almost…
Bobbie Christmas
October 21, 2019

Starting Over

I spent all day recently rewriting from memory a children's story I had written years ago, because I could not find it on any of…
Bobbie Christmas
May 11, 2019

Peace versus Conflict

Today I saw the following lines excerpted from John Lennon's song, "Imagine," a song I deeply love:"Imagine there's no countries, / It isn't hard to…
Bobbie Christmas
October 9, 2015

Where to Start?

A friend called the other day. She’s had a book in her head for ages, and she’s finally ready to write it, except for one…
Bobbie Christmas
August 6, 2011

Stop Procrastinating

In mid July, I said, “If not now, when?” I felt determined to stop procrastinating and start work on a few major projects. My first…
Bobbie Christmas
September 24, 2010

Culling Clutter

Thank you for the outpouring of response regarding my flooded office. Although papers, books, notebooks, and other objects that await a new location or new…
Bobbie Christmas
October 21, 2009