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Meet your Editor, Book Doctor, and Mentor

Bobbie Christmas

Bobbie edits your document with her heart as well as her head. You’ll get personal service from an editor who cares about you and your manuscript.

Before starting her own business more than thirty years ago, Bobbie edited newspapers, magazines, marketing materials, and corporate communications for twenty years. As the owner and primary editor for Zebra Communications for more than thirty years now, Bobbie has edited more than a thousand books; hundreds of magazine articles, dozens of brochures and other marketing materials, and close to one hundred entire magazine issues.

  • Write In Style: How to Use Your Computer to Improve Your Writing

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Editor Bobbie Christmas on Founding Zebra Communications

Bobbie Christmas, Senior Editor: Awards, Honors, and Affiliations


  • Write In Style: How to Use Your Computer to Improve Your Writing (2nd Edition) won first place in the How-To Category at the Florida Book Festival Awards, 2016.
  • Write In Style (2nd Edition) won a Bronze IPPY in the Writing and Publishing Category of the Independent Publishers Awards, April 2016
  • Write In Style (2nd Edition) was named one of only five finalists in the Writing/Publishing Category of the 2015 INDIEFAB Book of the Year Awards from ForeWord Reviews
  • Write In Style (2nd Edition) was named one of only five finalists in the How-To Category of the Eric Hoffer Book Awards, May 2016.
  • Write In Style named a Finalist in Best Books,, 2005
  • Write In Style won Best in Division in the Georgia Author of the Year Awards, 2005
  • Write In Style won First Place, Royal Palm Literary Awards, 2004
  • Second Place, nonfiction, Georgia Writers, Inc., 2001
  • Third Place, nonfiction, Georgia Writers, 1999
  • Nominated Georgia Author of the Year, 1998
  • Second Place, nonfiction, Georgia Writers, 1998
  • Article selected as one of the Ten Best of the First Three Years, Edge Magazine, 1994
  • First Place, Best Editorial, Carolinas Association of Business Communicators, 1992
  • First Place, Writing, United Way of Greenville County, 1992, Corporate Communications Contest
  • First Place, nonfiction, Reader’s Digest Workshop, 1991
  • First Place, nonfiction, Sandhills Writers’ Conference, 1989
  • Best Photo Essay, CABC, 1987


  • Director, The Writers Network
  • Past president, Georgia Writers Association
  • Past vice president, South Carolina Writers Workshop
  • International Guild of Professional Consultants
  • SPELL (Society for the Preservation of English Language and Literature)
  • Florida Writers Association
  • South Carolina Writers Workshop
  • Atlanta Writers
  • Southeastern Writers Association
  • National Association of Independent Writers and Editors
  • Freelancers Union

Contributing Writer to the following books and more:

  • A Cup of Comfort(Adams Media Corp.)
  • A Cup of Comfort for Friends (Adams Media Corp.)
  • A Cup of Comfort for Mothers and Sons (Adams Media Corp.)
  • Haunted Encounters (Atriad Press)
  • Remembering Woolworth’s (St. Martin’s Press)
  • The Attitude of Leadership by Keith Harrell (John Wiley & Sons)
  • Attitude is Everything for Success by Keith Harrell (Hay House)
  • Talk Up Your Book by Patricia Fry (Allworth Press)
  • The 100 Best Places to Kiss, Smooch and Snuggle in Bermuda by Dale Butler (The Writer’s Machine, Paget, Bermuda)
  • How to Position Yourself As The Obvious Expert (MasterMind Publishing)
  • It Takes a Smiling Raindrop by Dale Butler (The Writer’s Machine, Paget, Bermuda)


The Legend of Codfish and Potatoes with Dale Butler, MP (Writer’s Machine)

Here’s a small sampling of the traditionally published books we’ve edited:


  • Success in School and Career: Common Core Standards in Language Arts K-5 by Andrea M. Nelson-Royes (Rowman & Littlefield Education, a division of Rowman & Littlefield)
  • Why Tutoring: A Way to Achieve Success in School by Andrea M. Nelson-Royes (Rowman & Littlefield)
  • Purr! A Children’s Book about Cats by Andrea M. Nelson-Royes and Natalie A. Royes (Triplicity Publishing)
  • Remarriage: The Handbook by Gene Burkett, J. D. (Black Swan Publishers)
  • Hormonal Balance: How to Lose Weight by Understanding Your Hormones and Metabolism by Scott Isaacs (Bull Publishing)
  • WTF Are Men Thinking?: 250,000 Men Reveal What Women REALLY Want to Know by Christopher Brya and Miguel Almaraz (Sourcebooks)
  • The Art of Lawyering by Paul Lisnek (Sphinx Publishing, specializing in legal reference books)
  • The Bible Answer Book by James Stuart Bell and Sam O’Neal (Sourcebooks, Inc.)
  • 20 Retirement Decisions You Need to Make Right Now by Ray E. LeVitre, CFP (Sourcebooks, Inc.)
  • The Attitude of Leadership by Keith Harrell (John Wiley & Sons)
  • Attitude is Everything for Success by Keith Harrell (Hay House)
  • The Waldheim Affair: Democracy Subverted by Harold Tittmann (Olin Frederick, Inc.)
  • The Golden Rules of Parenting by Rita Boothby (Capital Books)
  • Gala! Workbook by Patti Coons (Capital Books)
  • The Secrets of Question-Based Selling by Tom Freese (QBS Research)
  • Why Would I Want the Toy, When I Can Have the Box? by Rex Bowlby (Pacific Horizon Press)
  • Mr. Henry’s Grass by Wanda Nicholson (Outskirts Press)
  • The True Story of Sasha, From Homelessness to Happiness by Yvonne M. B. Wittreich (Outskirts Press)
  • Civilization and the Ancient Egyptians by Katanga A Bongo (Outskirts Press)
  • Dare To Dream Big by Dr. Yvon J. Nazon (Outskirts Press)
  • The Small Business Owner’s Guide To Alternative Funding: What the Small Business Owner MUST Know to Get Through These Financial Times! by Karlene Sinclair-Robinson (Outskirts Press)
  • The Mystery of Healing by Paul Rymniak (Center for Peace)
  • May I Hold Your Hand? by Myrna Lou Goldbaum (Woman in the Moon Books)
  • O, Georgia!—A collection of Georgia’s most promising writers (Humpus Bumpus Press)
  • Joe Mills Story by Dr. Eva Hodgson (The Writer’s Machine, Paget, Bermuda)
  • The 100 Best Places to Kiss, Smooch and Snuggle in Bermuda by Dale Butler (The Writer’s Machine, Paget, Bermuda)
  • Marathon by Dale Butler (The Writer’s Machine, Paget, Bermuda)
  • Triumph of the Spirit by various contributors (The Writer’s Machine, Paget, Bermuda)
  • Lessons Learned, Vol. I, a competitive anthology collection (The Knowledge Shop, Chapter 11 Bookstores and the Georgia Writers Association)
  • Many more books as yet unpublished, plus books we may not have been told were published


  • Flight of the Golden Harpy by Susan Klaus (Tor)
  • Secretariat Reborn by Susan Klaus (Oceanview Publishing)
  • Shark Fin Soup by Susan Klaus (Oceanview Publishing)
  • Mr. Darcy’s Obsession by Abigail Reynolds (Sourcebooks Landmark)
  • A Weekend with Mr. Darcy by Victoria Connelly (Sourcebooks Landmark)
  • Mr. Darcy Forever by Victoria Connelly (Sourcebooks Landmark)
  • Dreaming of Mr. Darcy by Victoria Connelly (Sourcebooks Landmark)
  • The Werewolf Upstairs by Ashlyn Chase (Sourcebooks Casablanca)
  • Awaken the Highland Warrior by Anita Clenney (Sourcebooks Casablanca)
  • Embrace the Highland Warrior by Anita Clenney (Sourcebooks Casablanca)
  • What Alice Knew: A Most Curious Novel of Henry James and Jack the Ripper by Paula Marantz Cohen (Sourcebooks Landmark)
  • Channeling Biker Bob 1 by Nik Colyer (Henrioulle Pub. Group)
  • Channeling Biker Bob 2 by Nik Colyer (Henrioulle Pub. Group)
  • Channeling Biker Bob 3 by Nik Colyer (Henrioulle Pub. Group)
  • Maranther’s Deception by Nik Colyer (Henrioulle Publishing Group)
  • Oceanic Heart by Harshada Pathare (Outskirts Press)
  • Soul of the Algorithm by Norbert Weissinger (iUniverse)
  • Silent Revenge by Glenda Ivey (iUniverse)
  • It Takes a Smiling Raindrop by Dale Butler (The Writer’s Machine, Paget, Bermuda)
  • Professor Vincent by Dale Butler (The Writer’s Machine, Paget, Bermuda)
  • Rock Lessons by Ezra Ararat (The Writer’s Machine, Paget, Bermuda)
  • Adventures of Eugene and The Devil’s Dagger by Ezra Ararat (The Writer’s Machine, Paget, Bermuda)
  • Many more books as yet unpublished, plus books we may not have been told were published

In addition, many excellent self-published fiction and nonfiction books, including the following:

  • Wife of the Deceased: A Memoir of Love, Loss, and Learning to Live Again by Dawn M. Bell
  • Cutting the Soul: A Memoir, a journey into the mental illness of a teenager through the eyes of his mother, by Theresa Larsen
  • Zen and the Art of Offshoring: How to Build a Collaborative and Profitable Team with Your Partners in India by Vicki Flier Hudson
  • A Patient’s Perspective by Patricia Cyr
  • Growing up Catholic by Tim Lott
  • Governed by the King from the Inside Out by Raymond Blanchey
  • The Cuban Eight by Robert Somers
  • The Nosmo King by Phyllis Abbott
  • The Stone Wall by Brad Smiley
  • The Labors of Oscar by Dominique
  • Many other fine books and e-books
  • Agnes Scott Alumnae Magazine
  • AIM Today trade newspaper
  • American Writers Review
  • A/P Alert newsletter
  • Apparel Industry Magazine
  • Atlanta Jewish Times
  • Atlanta Journal Constitution
  • Atlanta Parent magazine
  • Arx magazine
  • Dimensions magazine
  • Eagle’s Echo newsletter
  • Edge magazine
  • Electronic Filer’s Report
  • Enjoy Cherokee magazine
  • EXPRESSions Magazine
  • Focus News weekly newspaper
  • Gang Box craft newspaper
  • Georgia Tax Alert newsletter
  • Georgia Writers News/Mag
  • Good Health and Living Directory
  • Greenville Scene newsletter
  • HeartBeat newsletter
  • Horizons magazine
  • Hospital Case Management
  • Lakeside Ledger newspaper
  • Mature Lifestyle Guide
  • Georgia Writers . . . On My Mind
  • Paradigm Shift newsletter
  • Points North magazine
  • Promo Times newsletter
  • Recreation trade magazine
  • Sales and Use Tax Alert newsletter
  • Sole Practitioner’s Profit Report
  • Spirit magazine
  • State Income Tax Alert newsletter
  • Sun and Stars magazine
  • That’s Entertainment newspaper
  • The Greenville News newspaper
  • The Greenville Piedmont newspaper
  • The Florida Palm newsletter
  • The Quill newsletter
  • The Writers Network News newsletter
  • Today magazine
  • Topping Out magazine
  • Time Travel Australia newsletter
  • Travelers Advisory newspaper
  • Workshops by Mail newsletter
  • Focus News
  • Dimensions
  • Horizons
  • GangBox
  • The Greenville Scene
  • HeartBeat Greenville
  • Apparel Industry Magazine
  • First-time Home Buyer
  • Enjoy Cherokee Magazine
  • 2020 Natchitoches Area Chamber of Commerce
  • Destination Cherokee County, Georgia
  • Mature Lifestyle Guide


People who read my first book remarked on how my writing has gone to a new level. I credit you a great deal for that.

Tricia Pimentalauthor of A Moveable Marriage: A Memoir

I used Bobbie Christmas for my second book, and I can't say enough about the thoroughness of her work. She has decades of experience and edits for award-winning authors. The complete editing and 50-page report you get are worth every dime of her fees. Reviewers have noticed the improved difference between my first book and [the one she edited].

Jack Harneyauthor of Six: A Dax McGowan Mystery

Thanks for doing a great job. Very professional.

Kathy J. Ellis, M.Ed.

We are getting into the amendments and thank you very much for all your hard work. When completed the book will be greatly improved.

Tom TurnerAuthor of Jamaican Butterflies

My editorial team and I were very pleased with your copyedit of the Art of Lawyering. You intervened just enough, making only slight changes to word choice and punctuation, to really make statements more clear and details consistent. Very nice work! I will certainly keep an eye out for more projects to send your way, because I would love to work with you again.

Kristin ZelazkoProduction Editor, Sourcebooks, Inc.

Thank you for the wonderful job! You went a long way toward showing me ways to choose simpler words, simplify sentences, and keep the information clear. I am using some of the knowledge I have gained from reading your book Write In Style, too. Also, thank you for returning the manuscript earlier than your estimated date. After I submitted the first two chapters, proposal, and query letter, within a week I was offered a contract for publication of my book from a traditional publisher. Thank you for your professional editing.

Andrea Royes

Thank you for the amazing editing work you did on my manuscript. I've learned so much from your report. Doing the hard-copy edit was definitely the way to go for a first-time writer. I've recommended you to several of my friends.

Dana Ridenour

I always attribute my first book's success to your helping it along and making it the polished product that it is today. Thank you very much!

David Schneider

I appreciate the work you did for me in the past with [title deleted]. Now I am ready to submit another piece to you for editing. I have attached the manuscript.

Mary FreemanPresident, Awareness Technology, Inc.

The edit looks great. Thanks, Bobbie! I really appreciate your being able to edit all three books in the trilogy. It's really beneficial to the author and me when the same copyeditor is able to work on his or her books.

Skye AgnewProduction Editor, Sourcebooks, Inc.

Thanks for finishing the editing of my manuscript early. I was amazed at all the red changes, but realized that is why I sent it to you. I appreciate the clean version incorporating all your comments, too. I also appreciated your suggestions for improvement of the story and have made changes to my story as a result of your suggestions. Thanks again for the early completion.

Kenneth Eichler

I received the manuscript yesterday and have begun making revisions based on your marks and suggestions. This has proved very helpful to me. Thank you very much. I will not hesitate to use your service again or recommend you if I get the chance.

John Davis

I requested three other sample edits, in addition to yours. Yours was exceptional; the others weren't even really in running once I received yours.

Amelia Waters

I don't think I would have gotten anywhere with the book without you. You were a tremendous help to me, and I learned a lot from you.

Patty Cyrauthor of A Patient's Perspective: Tips for Your Doctor Visits and More

I am so thankful I had you edit the book. Your changes are right on, and I'm learning so much. Wording changes = Awesome! The clarity you provide was very needed. Ideas for journal questions = Fabulous! Chapter 1 feedback = very useful indeed!

Kate Carlson

Thanks for teaching me how to improve my writing. All that red ink paid off!

Catherine P. Perryauthor of Courageous Wake

You have done an excellent job on my book Black Cotton. I am impressed with your level of professionalism, particularly your ability to understand my subject matter on a level that allowed your editing to truly enhance the book. I will certainly use your services in the future.

Vincent D. Lewis

Thank you so much for the prompt service. I am sooooooooooooooooooooo pleased with the edit of my manuscript. I appreciate the suggested changes. You really did a magnificent job.

Valarie H. Rowell

I read your e-mail, and it scared me, but perhaps that prepared me for the excellent job you have done with the manuscript.

Wade Gilley

Please advise my editor, Ms. Christmas, that I am truly appreciative of the work she did and that I took her advice and made many if not all the changes she suggested.

S. Kupper

I received the manuscript last week. Wow! I began reviewing it this morning, and I must say that I am impressed with the work that you have done. Thank you.

Marlon Lindsay

Thank you for the work you did for me on One, which is my first attempt at serious writing. I'm sure you can relate when I tell you my heart was in my throat while opening the packet! Your corrections and feedback were invaluable to me.

Brandi Parker

You're the best. I am very pleased. I've posted your line edits on our group site for all the girls in my critique group to learn from.


Thanks for responding to my questions; thanks also for the "Writer's Network News," a Christmas present that comes twelve times a year.

Dorse DuBois

I am very pleased with your work. I found you to be very thorough, and you provided very useful suggestions. If I pay someone to edit my manuscript, I want someone who will be honest and direct with me, like you were. I want to hear the hard truth. That is the only way I will learn and the only way my manuscript will improve. I also greatly appreciate the "mini lessons" you provided to help me understand the improvements and learn from them. I have already recommended you to others.

Sue Rosche

I appreciate your editing and help with the back cover copy. The book goes to the typographer tomorrow. I have seen the death of most adverbs and many exclamation points and have added one hundred commas, fifty semicolons, and more than a hundred hyphens. I have seen past, present, and future aligned in time and space.

Anthony Ellis, M.D.

I now have several hours of typing and thinking to do, but it was exactly what I wanted for improving my book. I'll keep in touch. It's likely I'll be needing your services again.

Ed Gray

You did a wonderful job on the edits. I can't thank you enough. Also, the report was a welcome surprise and very helpful. I'm sure you'll be getting referrals from me in the future.

Bruce SchneiderPresident, iPEC Coaching

You're making me a better writer, if I do say so myself.

Mike Wright

Thank you for returning the edited manuscript before your estimated date. I have read over the contents of the report and flipped through the manuscript and find your edit to be thorough and professional.

William Littlewood

I want to express my sincere appreciation for such fine work. I've shopped around, making contact with a dozen editors. You're heads above the rest. I particularly like your critique format. Each element: plotting, characters, conflict, etc., has a specific comment for improvement.

K.S.Largo, FL

Thank you for all your help.

J.S.Capetown, South Africa

The 25-page critique is invaluable. You helped me more than many writing workshops have in the past.

J.P.Lincoln, NE

You're one of my top editors.

D.B.Publisher, Hamilton, Bermuda

I sent material to several book doctors, but was most impressed with your work.

J.L.Charleston, SC

The only way I can describe your work is "beautiful." Like an artist, you chipped away the extra rock and sculpted a real story out of what I had done.

Dr. B.F.Midlothian, VA

I am a devotee of your book Write In Style and have applied your computer editing in my personal writing and my employer's books. She is most impressed! Thanks to you, she said I was "invaluable."

Patricia Browning

Your edits on my first book not only improved the quality of the book, but also enhanced my writing skills. I look forward to working with you again.

Kathleen Strongarone