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Est. 1992

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Book editors serving the book-publishing world from metro Atlanta, Georgia

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Line editing and developmental editing of fiction and nonfiction for authors and publishers

Hard Copy Editing

Choose hard-copy editing when you want line editing as well as developmental editing.

Electronic Editing

Choose electronic editing for line editing with no suggestions for improvement.

Hybrid Editing

Choose hybrid editing when you want line editing and developmental editing of your electronic file with no paper waste.

Bobbie Christmas

Meet Bobbie Christmas

Bobbie edits your document with her heart as well as her head. When your manuscript is ready for line editing or developmental editing, your search for the right professional ends here.

More About Bobbie

I always attribute my first book's success to your helping it along and making it the polished product that it is today. Thank you very much!

David Schneider

Bobbie’s Recent Writings


Closemouthed or Activist?

Because of the stigma involved, I’ve withheld personal information from most people. The other day, though, I researched how others handle my situation. I learned…

Hard-copy Editing: Why Request It?

In this digital age hard-copy editing has almost disappeared. What is hard-copy editing? It refers to editing a printed manuscript rather than a digital file.…

Resolution Dissolution

February is the month by which most people have given up on their New Year’s resolutions. By that time of year the folks who intended…

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