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Bobbie Christmas

Meet Bobbie Christmas

Bobbie edits your document with her heart as well as her head. When your manuscript is ready for line editing or developmental editing, your search for the right professional ends here.

More About Bobbie

I always attribute my first book's success to your helping it along and making it the polished product that it is today. Thank you very much!

David Schneider

Bobbie’s Recent Writings


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I spent all day recently rewriting from memory a children's story I had written years ago, because I could not find it on any of…

The Case of the Missing Towel

When I stepped out of the shower recently, I reached for my bath towel, which usually hangs on a hook by my shower. The hook…


LIFE AS MATERIAL   My sister and I recently drove to Altamonte Springs, Florida, where I gave several workshops and many interviews at the Florida…

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