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Choose hard-copy editing when eager to improve your book and learn in the process.

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Choose electronic editing for line editing with no suggestions for improvement.

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Bobbie Christmas

Meet Bobbie Christmas

Bobbie edits your document with her heart as well as her head. If you’ve had trouble finding the right professional editor, your troubles end here.

More About Bobbie

I always attribute my first book's success to your helping it along and making it the polished product that it is today. Thank you very much!

David Schneider

Bobbie’s Recent Writings


Percentages, Thoughts, and Single and Double Quotation Marks

Writers asked; I answered. Q: In this sentence (for a nonfiction book), which version would be correct? (Or should it be something else?) Most lenders…

My Take on (some of) the Oscars

I watched a foreign film last night titled The Square. It is up for an Oscar for best foreign film, and although lately the foreign…
Circle Of Life

Circle of Life

About a month ago I noticed a Krispy Kreme store being built only three miles from my house. Yay! It wasn’t opened yet, though. Boo!…

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